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Nobel Nbl-k4800 Kf94 Automatic 1+2 Fish Type Mask Making Machine

Nov. 10, 2020

Nobel NBL-K4800 KF94 Fish type mask making machine

Nobel NBL-K4800 KF94 Fish type mask making machine

Nobel NBL-K4800 KF94 Fish type mask making machine


Nobel NBL-K4800 KF94 Automatic 1+2 Fish type mask making machine is used for automatic forming of disposable fish type mask: after unwinding, 5-layer full roll cloth is driven by roller to fold and wrap the edge automatically; nose beam strip is pulled and uncoiled, and then imported into the edge covering cloth after fixed length cutting, and the mask pattern is welded by ultrasonic wave, and then cut into shape by cutter roller; the mask is transported to the ear belt welding station of mask through assembly line, and the mouth is finally welded by ultrasonic welding After the mask is made, it is transported to the flat belt line for collection through the assembly line.

II. Technical parameter

1. Production efficiency: 110-150 pcs / min;

2. Qualified rate of equipment production: > 95% (except for unqualified materials and improper operation of employees);

3. Equipment can adapt to the specifications of incoming materials and production products


III. Process flow

 Process flow

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